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Title: Andy Murray as A Role Model for Thai Children
Authors: Lerdsin Siripoon
Keywords: Andy Murray
Role Model
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Bangkok University
Abstract: Sport Celebrity inspires children to gain potential applied sport career, and children have to draw purpose to integrate sport celebrity career with other product campaigns. This research aims to find out which child genders are successful to be able to promote campaign rather than other gender, and this case study is to learn both male and female are interested in being sport celebrity which we applied Social Learning Theory to test responsiveness of both genders. In the research, we select Andy Murray who is currently number one in the world ranking ATP 2016, and he is United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) Brand Ambassador and other brand campaign presenter. Therefore, campaign is very necessary for sport celebrity to promote products, and customers will be very satisfied brand reputation. It is also sport celebrity’s reputation that suggests customers benefit. Children have got to understand responsibility of sport celebrity. They will be involved with campaign, and we are learning to classify genders that are motivated by A Role Model (ARM). We also find out behaviors and improvement that innovates children to get though punishment and reward program on motivation. Andy Murray will be the sport celebrity that is example to applying motivation among children. Children are eyes of the future, and they respond to media that parents concern providing to them knowledge. They absorb media message to develop their Child Behavior. It connotes Child Behavior is effected by both Child Perception and Media which it proves that environment is important for Child Development. Parents are persistent to regulate positive media, and they also check Child Behavior for selecting suitable media to children. Media is surrounded by organization that offers benefit to customers. They are visibly contribution that entertains customers including suggest customers product. They frequently classify positive Sport Celebrity to promote product, and they expect them to pursue customer about development especially event or campaign. Sport Celebrity is a person who is approved to be A RM. It is based on their performance and behavior that requirement is approved be organization. ARM is an illustration that ignites children talented, and it motivates children to improve Child Behavior similarly as ARM. According to children, achieving goal is drawing children future. Opportunities are gaps that involve children unequally, but many children have desire for living in progressive environments. There are Health Care’s organizations around the world, and United Nations Children's Fund is the most well-known provider in United Kingdom. United Nations Children's Fund concerns children abuse and lacking fund, they try to suggest investor to donate money for poor children to get support. They are obviously focusing on signing with Athletes to promote campaign, and athletes are also donators and announcements who pursues investor to donate, and they are the appearance of organization. The organization is considering developing campaigns to provide benefit for child communities that why select the most famous sport celebrity to promote their project for donators. Sport Celebrity has been ARM of Organization, and they perform well for sharing suggestion to both donators and receivers because they appeal on media for announcing information. To be learning social work as practical process, it has to produce demographic of programs to review audience’s intention for Child’s Desires because ARM impacts children progression through Digital Media is persuaded by campaign, so they are the beneficial relation to learn as positive. In the other hand, we observe Child Behavior that responds to ARM, and it views impacts that are relevant to ARM. The research can be draw relationship demographic that audiences learn ARM’s performance, and it will illustrate audience’s responsiveness that children can be achieving progression in the future. We are hypothesized the research by evaluating male and female’s responds, so it is the process to observe the most behavior’s refection. We divide participants, genders, ages, opinion, and impact as questionnaires to be testing. We focus on information that we gather for children. We length the objective, and we find out that significant of this research. A process of learning ARM is corporate child to organization, and it is able to absorb process of organization’s mission, and it applies to sport celebrity. It is the case that is able to interact with audience’s opinions about sport celebrity’s mission. Audience’s behaviors will briefly respond evaluating sport celebrity’s campaign progressive for child’s outcome. Children are hint of result when they receive benefits. However, the research will illustrate demographic to view how ARM impacts audience’s behavior? Therefore, audience’s responsiveness will motivate the research into enhancing appropriated organization campaigns that motivate Child Behavior. To examine the objective of Andy Murray as a Unicef ambassador who performs ARM to engage with other campaigns such as animal protection, social health, and environment conservation. This research is developed by Child Behavior that responds to ARM potentially. Digital Media reviews audience to widely observe contents, and it motivate audience to be previous information. We consider that Child Learning is caution which parents have expectation to gather knowledge for child improvement. We apply ARM with the research. ARM’s case study is creating to respond Digital Social Learning and The Role Model’s Persuasion. We are organized the research by Qualitative Approach, and it is suitable process to collect data essentially. The outline will format as In depth Interview and Focus Group to determine the research. Also, interviews prove the most value of child purposes to compare with effective discussion in analyzing process. It emphasizes both genders responsiveness that develop suitable campaign for both genders. It emphasizes the strongest and weakest progressive results to show reaction that is responded by ARM. Proposals illustrate framework to be ARM Innovates Digital Social Interaction to Ignite children successful in Tennis. For example, Andy Murray grew up with his mother who inspired him being talent as A RM. We currently consume digital media to achieve knowledge, and Tennis is the innovative sport for children to perform talents. The definition will continue to test 48 participants that respond to Andy Murray as ARM though Digital Media and The evaluation will prove how children pay attention to their sport focus narrowly or widely. However, Andy Murray is our experiment who is ARM. He is going to be content that we apply to evaluate Child Behavior. We have three consonances that prove positive progressive results. They are ARM, Digital Media, and Persuasion as professional. They will influences child’s genders to enhance suitable approach that responds to both male and female positive progressive responsiveness.
Description: Independent Study (M.Com.Arts)--Global Communications, Graduate School, Bangkok University, 2017
Advisor(s): Boonlert Supadhiloke
URI: http://dspace.bu.ac.th/jspui/handle/123456789/2867
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