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Title: Sustainable transportation a bibliometrics perspective
Authors: Daniel Raffael Reich
Keywords: Sustainable Transportation
Research Trends
Author Impact
Article Influence
Research Productivity
Country Analysis
Citation Analysis
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Bangkok University
Abstract: This independent study explores the field of sustainable transportation through a comprehensive bibliometric analysis, focusing on three research questions: 1) what are the emerging trends in sustainable transportation? 2) What are the most influential authors and articles on sustainable transportation? 3) Which countries produce the most research papers on sustainable transportation, and in what time frame? To address the first research question, the study examines emerging trends in sustainable transportation. The analysis highlights shared mobility, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), fuel efficiency, internet of things (IoT) and big data as prominent trends. Electric vehicles are no longer an emerging trend but rather a well-established presence in the market. However, topics such as battery swap and charging stations could be future considerations for electric vehicles. It was observed that the future of sustainable vehicles cannot rely solely on a single technology, emphasizing the need for a multifaceted approach to address environmental concerns and optimize transportation efficiency. To answer the second research question, bibliometric indicators were utilized to assess the influence of journals, authors, and articles in the field of sustainable transportation. Citation counts, h-index values, and other relevant metrics were considered to determine the most influential sources of knowledge. Notably, Onat is recognized as an expert in the field of alternative vehicles, while Geels has contributed extensively to the literature on technology transitions and autonomous vehicles. Additionally, Banister (2011) and Litman have made significant contributions by addressing issues and paradigm shifts in sustainable transportation. The third research question investigates the productivity and collaboration patterns among countries in the field of sustainable transportation over time. By analyzing collaborative networks and trends, the study identifies the most productive countries in sustainable transportation research. China emerged as the most prolific country in terms of the number of scientific articles published. To assess the quality of these numerous Chinese articles, the study employed the SCimago Journal Rank as a measure of evaluation. In summary, this study provides a comprehensive bibliometric perspective on sustainable transportation. It uncovers emerging trends, including shared mobility, PHEVs, IoT, and big data, while emphasizing the importance of a diversified approach to sustainable vehicles. The study also identifies influential journals, authors, and articles, shedding light on key sources of knowledge and expertise. Lastly, the research investigates the productivity and collaboration patterns of countries in sustainable transportation, enabling stakeholders to foster international cooperation and drive the development of sustainable transportation solutions.
Description: Independent Study (M.M.)--Business Innovation, Graduate School, Bangkok University, 2022
Advisor(s): Ronald Vatananan-Thesenvitz
URI: http://dspace.bu.ac.th/jspui/handle/123456789/5447
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