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Title: A Cross-cultural Analysis of Disney Mulan film and Chinese Mulan Drama impacts on Chinese Audience’s Attitude
Authors: Wenmin Mo
Keywords: A cross culture
Chinese students
Hofstede’s four cultural dimensions
power distance
uncertainty avoidance
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Bangkok University
Abstract: Aiming at arousing people's cultural sensitivity, enriching people's knowledge of other cultures and increasing people's awareness of intercultural communication, the paper, based on the Chinese Mulan drama and Disney Mulan film, reaches some conclusions about cultural integrations and differences between China and America by comparisons and analyses of Mulan's images in the two subjects. The sample for this study will be the Chinese student that age between 18 to 26 and who study in China. And for the sample unit, researcher will choose 200 Chinese students as sample to study. The questionnaires are distributed to Chinese students who experienced Disney Mulan film and the movie of Chinese Mulan drama. The researchers in this study applied purposive sampling and Convenience sampling to be the second and third step respectively. Through comparison and analysis of Chinese Mulan drama and the American movie The Mulan, the reseacher intends to compare the Chinese and American culture from Hofstede’s (1991) four cultural dimensions: individualism/collectivism (I/C), masculinity/femininity (M/F), and power distance (PD) and the uncertainty avoidance (UA). In the research, Chinese audience who watched the Disney version of Mulan film are more likely to demonstrate stronger cultural orientation in individualism, masculinity, low power distance, and in low uncertainty avoidance. Chinese audience who watched the Chinese version of Mulan film are more likely to demonstrate stronger cultural orientation in collectivism, femininity, high power distance, and in high uncertainty avoidance.
Description: Independent Study(M.Com.Arts)--Global Communications, Graduate School, Bangkok University, 2015
Advisor(s): Boonlert Supadhiloke
URI: http://dspace.bu.ac.th/jspui/handle/123456789/1740
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