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Title: An innovative SCAMPER model for Thai Airways to improve its brand proposition and customer’s experience
Authors: Woravin Kumthonkittikul
Keywords: Airline Industry
Luxuries Brand
Pricing Elasticity
Customer Experience and Satisfaction
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Bangkok University
Abstract: The objectives of this individual study are: 1) To identify and create new ideas to help Thai Airways from the management side, 2) To identify the factors which make customers less price sensitive and willing to pay premium price for Thai Airways flights. This particular objective only valid if Thai Airways has a purpose to focus on the premium markets and boost the sales revenue, while the cost of operations part remains untouched. 3) To create recommendations that improve sales and profit sustainably through the recovery plan for 2021/2022 and possibly beyond. The research tools are based on 7 item-interview questions, which based on SCAMPER models, and 29-item- questionnaires with the IOC quality of items from 3 experts and 5 pilots tests before launching online survey. The research objectives aim to help Thai Airways understand its customers and increase their willingness to pay double over the low-cost airlines. The first step of collecting data, this study implements the SCAMPER model of innovative thinking to emphasize which parts of Thai Airways business need creativity to uplift the company and be recognized as a thriving premium airline. The second step of collecting data, while uses customer satisfaction and customer experience as theoretical framework, this research collects data from a large sample size to evaluate if the first step findings can be generalized. This research based on the 11 in-depth interviewees, and 117 questionnaires respondents. Specific samples are from Thai and foreign customers who ever used Thai Airways business. Additionally, to make sure the research data is consistent without bias, this study implements a cross triangulation technique. As a result, this research gathers data from the total number of 170 participants, consisted with 25 foreign customers, 117 Thai Customer and 27 Thai Airways staff. Regardless of research participants’ age range, gender, and nationality, the key findings indicate that Thai Airways currently are not able to compete against neither premium airlines nor low-cost airlines. Thai Airways do not provide the same performance comparing to other premium airlines. On the other hand, even though Thai airways charge customers almost twice as much as low-cost airlines, its inflight services is recognized as inadequacy when compare to the low-cost airlines. The study findings also indicate that the high-end customers who can afford high pricing and the customers who desire Thai Airways brand propositioning share many common interests, i.e., Gen X& Baby Boomers and Gen Y individuals are more satisfied with Thai Airways services than Gen Z due to different in perceptions and preferences. Additionally, the linear regression analysis was used to further investigate research objectives two and three. The results indicated there was three significant correlations between a dependent variable, customers’ wiliness to pay twice as much for Thai Airways compared to low-cost airlines, 1) inflight services at 0.01 significant level (β-.195, α 0.006), 2) inflight entertainment at 0.05 significant level (β.245, α 0.017) , 3) newer airplanes at 0.01 significant level (β.276, α 0.003). As a result, the findings can be used to identify Thai Airways customers’ insight and realize what factors could persuade them to pay twice as much compared to low-cost airlines pricing.
Description: Independent Study (M.M.)--Business Innovation, Graduate School, Bangkok University, 2020
Advisor(s): Xavier Parisot
Varalee Chinerawat
URI: http://dspace.bu.ac.th/jspui/handle/123456789/4673
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