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Title: Examining and identifying effective teaching methods for primary school educational program students of Baise University
Authors: Peipei Wei
Keywords: TPACK Theory
Primary Education Major
Effective Teaching Method
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Bangkok University
Abstract: Teachers are not only the implementers of education programs, but also the subjects of the teaching technology to affect the effectiveness of the education system directly. The major of Primary Education plays an important role in the current development of primary education in China. The training of primary education professionals plays an important role in the improvement of the faculty force for the development of the Chinese primary education. The foundation of the Chinese talent training can become more solid and the problem of shortage of teachers at the stage of basic education can be solved continuously only when high-level excellent teachers enter the stage of basic education gradually. It is firmly believed by the Chinese Ministry of Education that the high-quality teachers to enter the primary education system are taken as the fundamental foundation of the national education. The exploration on the concrete, operational and targeted mode of the basic standards of talent training is also the key to the current education and teaching reform in Chinese universities. The primary goal of the teaching reform is to change the ideas of teachers and promote the active participation, independent exploration, practical ability, problem-solving skills and teamwork of students. It is aimed to promote the overall development of the teaching "process and method" and teach students the required emotions, attitudes and values. With the continuous innovation of the educational paradigm, the rapid development of the information technology and the renewal of the teaching content, the method about the effective application of the effective model teaching theory based on the information technology in teaching has been adopted by more and more teaching researchers. TPACK theory is a comprehensive embodiment of the ability to integrate the information technology into the Chinese curriculum teaching. It is widely applied to the application and measurement of the effective teaching method. TPACK teaching is focused on the integration of TK, PK, CK, PCK, TCK, TPK and TPACK. The effective teaching method based on TPACK is focused on the cultivation of students in line with the need of the educational reform and development. It is endowed with the modern educational concept, the solid basic educational theory and the innovative consciousness and ability. It can be qualified for the teaching work of curriculum teaching technology, method, concept, knowledge, discipline and other aspects. However, the TPACK framework is integrated into the assessment of Primary Education teachers on the knowledge about subjects, content, pedagogy and innovative technology in the Chinese primary education. Eighty teachers of the Primary Education Department of Baise University are taken as the research object in the paper. Literature analysis, questionnaire survey, interview survey and other research methods are adopted. On the basis of the interview results, TPACK theory is adopted to explore the mode of promoting the scientific development of general education teachers. It is aimed to provide some reference for the promotion on the scientific development of Primary Education. The main research content of the paper is as follows. Firstly, the research on the development status of theory and teaching practice as well as related problems is understood by looking up the relevant research literature based on TPACK theory. The questions, purposes and scope of the research are put forward. Next, the literature review of Primary Education and effective teaching methods is carried out. Then, the TPACK questionnaire and the measurement scale are adopted to design interview questions and interview questionnaires. Three teachers are interviewed and eighty questionnaires are collected. Afterwards, the data analysis is carried out through SPSS 20.0. According to data results: 1. TK: Teachers have a poor understanding of the traditional knowledge, but the respondents are endowed with a positive learning attitude in general. 2. CK: Teachers can adopt different methods and strategies generally to improve their professional knowledge about primary school teaching. However, the polarization is serious for whether there are enough professional knowledge and thinking modes of primary school teaching about self-assessment.3: PK: The interviewed teachers have a relatively full understanding of teaching methods. They can make adjustment according to the teaching situation and the feedback of students. 4: PCK: Teachers have the same and superior subjective cognitive level on the application of different teaching methods to inspire the thinking ability of students. However, there is great difference in the selection of effective teaching methods and the action ability is slightly lower than the subjective cognitive level.5. TCK: Teachers' TCK knowledge level is higher than the average level and the knowledge level of some teachers is backward. 6. TPK: Teachers have a good understanding of TPK knowledge, which is above the average level. 7. TPACK: Teachers' knowledge level of TPACK is higher than the normal level. However, the knowledge level of some teachers is lower. It is necessary to pay attention to and carry out the targeted training and improvement activities. Finally, the application status of TPACK among the teachers of the Primary Education Department of Baise University is discussed as well as the advantages and disadvantages of TPACK integration. The key elements to help Primary Education teachers carry out effective teaching and learning activities are put forward. It is ultimately conducive to the overall learning satisfaction and achievement of students. The incentive mechanism of TPACK is helpful to promoting the action of teachers in TPACK teaching. It is aimed to achieve the goal of effective teaching.
Description: Independent Study (M.M.)--Business Innovation, Graduate School, Bangkok University, 2020
Advisor(s): Xavier Parisot
Johan Van Rooyen
Luo Qiuxue
URI: http://dspace.bu.ac.th/jspui/handle/123456789/4582
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